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“Great experience! Lots of great tools that are easy to learn and easy to apply, that will help generate a great amount of progress in a short amount of time.”

Steven Yanez

Excellent use of my time and my managers’ money! I will be looking forward to the next opportunity to learn new tools to enable me to better my career!”

Kevyn Jordan

Excellent training for real-world situations. Keeps everyone excited and involved through the entire course. Jeff not only teaches the sales process, he teaches on how to overcome true objections presented in real negotiations and situations. Highly recommended!”

Adolfo Martinez

“Go! The instructors were very informative and ready to answer any questions you have. The school far exceeded my expectations!”

Bridgett Walker Cook

“Very professional and great educational training. As a new salesperson, this has to be a perfect introduction to the business. Jeff was an amazing trainer/teacher.”

Jesus Cruz

“Jeff Gabbert was an amazing mentor! He knew how to put things in perspective. I have learned how to be more efficient and effective since my experience with Jeff. I would recommend anyone to come sit down and soak up the wealth of knowledge this gentleman has to offer. Sincerely grateful.

Eugene Perez

“A nice refresher course on things I should have remembered from my first years in the business, as well as many new techniques to keep a deal flowing forward. Jeff Gabbert offered the opportunity to speak with him one-on-one during breaks if needed. I took him up on the offer several times. He is very attentive and thoughtful in his answers.”

Jeff Thompson

“Jeff Gabbert gave a 31+ year experienced sales professional modern verbiage and techniques to generate more customers and close more sales. I did not want to be there on my day off, and it was the best experience modernizing my knowledge in this extremely tough industry. Make yourself attend this class, and you will thank yourself you did.”

Richard Rojas

“My knowledge of the finance department was zero. After completing the course, I strongly feel prepared and confident moving forward in my promotion to the business office.”

Johnny Perez

“It doesn’t matter if you have been in the business for two months or 20 years – you will take something from this class. The Academy has it figured out! Tony, Kevin, and Dave have a unique way to bring you out of your comfort zone, teach best practices, and give a straightforward process that works in our business today. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to succeed.”

Daniel Boyce

“Dave, Chuck, and Tony did a great job of teaching this class and keeping us engaged and having fun the entire time! Would love to come back. I highly recommend it! The foundation I learned here will be indispensable for my future success.”

Andrew Pardo

“The whole team talked to us and not at us. My whole experience at The Academy from beginning to end was PRICELESS. The trainers made me feel as though I was the only one in the class of 20 when I didn’t understand something Dave or Chuck was going over. If it was possible to give higher than a 5-STAR, they would have it. Thank you for all the knowledge that will be invaluable to me in my career for many, many years to come!”

Cherie England

“Just completed the sales and leadership training with these guys – It was one of the best training seminars I’ve ever been to! So much knowledge shared, and very engaging! Whether you’ve been in the business for years or you’re just starting your career, this training is for you! Thanks to The Academy for an awesome course!”

Amy Wright Martinez